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Livestream and Event Broadcasting.

We create livestreams for everything from International sporting events to business townhalls. Enhance, Engage, Excite.

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What is a Livestream?

Put simply it's any broadcast to the internet. They come in all shapes and sizes and can go to a range of platforms; a secure internal server, YouTube, Facebook etc. Call them what you will livestreams, event broadcasts, webcasts and webinars they're all ways to reach an audience through the internet.

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Our Shows

Every show we produce is bespoke and tailored for the individual needs of the client......yep we've heard it all before too. Of course the show is bespoke, but did you know that we can create scoring systems for your judges to use which feed directly into the on screen graphics, write scripts and pre-show content designed with your target audience in mind and a graphics package to match your teams/company or event style. These are just a few things that make us and you stand out from the crowd.



million hours viewed

You want to engage with our viewers for as long as possible. Ensuring your content is engaging means you will get longer dwell times and more shares. 



cups of coffee

All this magic can't happen without caffeine, we love a good cup of coffee and try to support our local independents as much as possible. 



Countries Watching

You may not be interested in getting your content out to the wider world, it may be for internal use only but if you do want a worldwide audience we have a proven track record in engaging with a huge number of countries. 

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Our Services

Broadcasting anything from a university graduation to an international sporting event, we've got what it takes to be your next partner. We work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want; providing anything from dry hire of our equipment through to full service shows with scripting, custom graphics, commentators, scoring systems and of course the full broadcast crew and equipment, we can even help you market the stream.

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Why Livestream?

You have spent time and energy building a perfect announcement or arranging an engaging event so why not show it off to the world. Livestreaming can bring your event to new audiences, generate new customers and rejuvenate current relationships. 

67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one.



Your fans may not be able to attend in person, a livestream is the perfect way to keep those fans happy and show off your event. Also think of the biggest sports in teh world, they have got as big as they are with the help of advertising and corporate partnerships as they can leverage TV coverage, a livestream is your first port of call on the road to mainstream.  


CEO's, COO's and quite frankly mos people are too busy to travel to individual locations to inform staff of new policies, or meet with every client to launch a new product. Webcasts and webinars are a great way to reach the people you need to get in front of. These can be public or secure, fancy or a simple one camera set up with crisp sound.

Trade SHows

If the fact above doesn't entice you in, have you considered the amount of extra exposure and sponsor opportunities you would get from a livestream? If you can give your sponsors exposure to thousands more people they are bound to sign up sooner and spend more. 


An event of any kind is a big undertaking; why waste all that hard work just showing it to the people that can attend on the day. Livestreaming events from graduations to weddings and awards ceremonies to catwalk shows is a great way to include more people, spread the story you are telling and influence more customers. 

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March 2018

Technative have been streaming our events for over 3 years now. They always bring something new to the table. 5 stars.

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