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Fantastic Crew

Not sure the difference between a prime and a zoom lens, or how to get the perfect audio balance? That's fine, our crew are friendly, knowledgeable and love what they do. They'll ensure you can relax and enjoy the show.

Meet Some of the Crew

custom graphics

Everybody wants their event to stand out, so why settle for a graphics package that has been seen a thousand times before or all you can change is the colour. Our in-house graphics engineer can work with your brand guidelines or event branding to create a fully bespoke package of graphics.

What are graphics I hear you ask? They're any of the things you see on screen that aren't being filmed by a camera. Names, scoreboards, replay wipes, credits, social blocks, information such as weather at the event or timer, you get the picture! In fact our graphics guy is so keen that he will even come up with ideas for extra graphics that you might not have thought of, he recently added wall temperature and angle graphics to the CWIF livestream, it's safe to say all our crew are very keen to see you succeed.

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Advertising can help pay for your stream or be a good way to tempt in sponsors for your event. We can write in advert time to your stream and run the ads. If you choose one of our split packages then we will even sell the advertising space for you (Terms and Conditions apply)

Please note if we are streaming your event to the BBC we are not able to add adverts!

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Social integration is a great way to make the audience at home feel the are a key part to your event. We can interact with your audience on social for you.

We can also add tweets, posts and comments on to your stream.

 Whats Social Integration?

Latest Tech

We benefit from a deep and continued knowledge in all things tech from our partner company. If there's a new bit of kit that makes a stream higher quality or cheaper for you we'll get it, if the old stuff is more reliable we'll stick with that. You can be assured that we'll arrive with the best kit for the job.

We have a range of hire equipment if you want to create your own stream or webinar, just get in touch for the latest list and prices.


multi-platform streams

Need to stream to countries that don't allow Facebook or want to spread the love far and wide. We can stream to multiple platforms at once. Not sure where you want to stream or which platform is best for your event, no worries, our resident marketing expert can help you.

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Audience interaction

Audiences are getting more savvy, and more demanding. Why leave them on their own, when you could talk to them personally throughout the stream or webinar?

Our team has experts in audience interaction and they can communicate throughout the broadcast to ensure the audience have the best possible experience. Fancy doing it yourself? No problem, we can show you how.

Audience interaction can increase watch time, develop greater brand loyalty and increase the amount of interaction you get. Don't risk your event being just another stream, get involved with your audience!

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Our internal marketing whizz kids can make you an event website, set up your stream on YouTube/other platforms to maximise clicks and even send out press releases.