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Webinars, Webcasts and Livestreams for businesses across the world.

Gone are the days where CEOs travel round every office to deliver the same speech. Instead of blocking out a week to deliver your presentation to as many people as possible, why not livestream it, either privately or publicly so that everyone you want to see it can. Your information is important that's why you've written your speech, ensure your widest ever audience by enabling your livestream to be watched days or even weeks later.

Are you struggling to see enough clients in one day, why not invite them to attend virtually rather than expecting them to travel to your office? The possibilities are endless with corporate livestreaming.



We’ve developed software to allow your audience to interact fully, through polls, live draw facilities and chat boxes. You can now run fully interactive workshops through the web, allowing teams from across the globe to work collaboratively and benefit from each others experience. These tools will also allow you to confidently and smartly interact with clients.

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Basic 1 Camera Set up

  • Broadcast Camera

  • Professional Audio

  • Livestream computer

  • Bespoke Graphics

  • Basic Live Q+A

from £500


Corporate Broadcast

  • Multiple cameras

  • Professional presenter

  • Studio

  • Bespoke Graphics

  • Interactive Feature

From £1000


Add ons

  • Branded throw able mics

  • Live polls

  • Live surveys

  • Live drawing

  • Social interaction

From £200