Moonboard Masters

Epic in many ways. We livestreamed a brand new climbing comp from four locations around the world, onto one stream. The athletes in each location created a problem which the other athletes then watched them demo on the livestream before taking it turns around the globe to try the problem.


We filmed live in the UK, USA, Spain and Japan simultaneously (some of the guys had very late nights or very early mornings!). As well as filming the live content, each of the teams had to produce mini interviews and films of the athletes testing problems before the competition started. All the content was then beamed to our location in Sheffield where we were able to mix it and send out the final show with just a few seconds of delay. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing!

Commentary Team

This competition was watched by thousands of people around the world and we needed to ensure all these people recognised the faces and voices on the show and could also understand them. We called in our One Five Nine Show favourite Leah Crane an gave the second eat to new bod on the block Tom Greenhall. The made a great duo and we had brilliant dwell times all over the globe.