Social Integration - A Case Study

Wait....What's Social Integration?

Put simply it is the use of social media to engage with the audience and further afield. It can involve any or all of the following; posting social comments direct to the livestream, us sending out replays on your channels, running competitions on social, talking to your followers and producing exclusive content for your platforms.

Sounds Great but Does it Work?

Well, yes, but with anything marketing based you need to know what you want from the integration; is it more followers, a certain level of engagement, conversions etc. Don't take our word for it though, scroll down and read a case study from Berghaus and the British Bouldering Championships. 

Berghaus Case Study

In 2017 we were asked to produce the show for the British Bouldering Championships. We had created a lot of new tech that year and were keen to show it off and the BMC who were running the event wanted it all. There was only one small problem, their budget didn’t stretch to all the extra people, cameras, computers and magic, so we asked if we could sell advertising on the stream. Jump forward a few months and we had signed a deal with UK outdoor brand Berghaus to be lead sponsor of the stream which bought them a lot more than just advertising space. Berghaus wanted to reach a younger audience that was interested in both indoor climbing and the outdoors and primarily wanted to see an increase over the event in impressions, followers and engagement, so we created a package that we thought would help them achieve those goals. Below are the key features of the package:

  • Replay sponsorship

  • Social Media giveaway

  • Posts from users using #berghausreplay added to the stream

  • A short Facebook live video on their page the day before the finals

  • An athlete takeover of the Instagram feed

  • Exclusive replays and content posted to their channel and that BMC channels using #berghausreplay

  • A dedicated member of staff on social and the livestream chat rooms throughout the weekend to engage with the audience and followers

  • Studio presenters wearing items from their technical fashion range

ideas tree.PNG

Together we smashed their goals, seeing a massive increase in impressions from around 6000 a day to over 61000 during the event, the highest amount of Facebook live views seen at the time and all top tweets for July for both the Berghaus and BMC accounts featuring #berghausreplay. These are just some of the wins we had. Check out the case study file below for even more facts and figures.