Social Media Livestreaming

We love livestreaming, it would be pretty bad if we didn't! You might think that livestreaming is something just for large companies looking to expand their advertising beyond the traditional and into the modern. You also might think that it's only for YouTubers and that social media streaming is only for teens wanting to show off their latest kicks or drunken antics to their friends. Well wake up and smell the coffee my friend because livestreaming is BIG and it's only getting bigger. 


The infographic below, from Filmora, gives just some of the stats for livestreaming that should get your heart racing, and running to your marketing person to ask why you haven't already livestreamed something or sponsored a suitable event that's being streamed. 

Livestreaming sports and events in the UK

If that hasn't persuaded you I don't know what will but hows about getting in touch to learn more?