How to sell your event space to more people

Selling event space should be easy. There are businesses looking for conference venues, seminar rooms and meeting spaces all the time. But there are so many great spaces, how does the potential client know that you are the right one for them, how do you stand out? The only way to set yourself apart is to offer something the rest of the competition don't have. Yes you might have the exclusively produced designer sofas, a video conferencing suite or an elegantly styled dining room but so do twenty other venues. Do you have assets that can make the clients meeting or conference stand out from the rest? Do you have something to offer that can ease them towards their goals?

Stand out from your competitors by offering your clients something which will enhance their event, help them engage with their audience and excite them into purchasing from you.

Livestream Packages

With ever tightening budgets, and internal policies encouraging less travel, businesses are having to find new ways to disseminate information to their staff and customers. The best way to do this is by holding an event in one place (your place) and broadcasting it live to multiple locations, either privately or publicly.

Livestreaming is the go to option now for product launches, townhalls, seminars and many other business events. The livestream doesn't have to be just a film of the speaker, there are an endless choice of interactive options from Q+A's, live polls, surveys and even games. From one camera to multiple cameras, rooms and a studio, event broadcasting can be tailored for the specific event and goal.

You can make it easy by adding livestream options to your conference and event packages. We will work with you to create packages with optional add-ons creating an easy to sell and easy to understand offering, which will make you a highly desirable event space. Leveraging the cost savings can also enable you to sell higher value catering options, and ensure your clients come back year after year.

The added bonus

The extra bonus for you is that every time a client livestreams from your venue, it's free advertising for you. Other businesses, managers, and executives will see how good your space is and will be far more likely to book your venue than one they haven't seen before.

Give us a shout to start developing your live offering today and sell your event space to more businesses.