Technative Go Curling

We’ve inadvertently become winter sports broadcasters! Two different Ice Skating disciplines and now curling. Last weekend we had the pleasure of working with Scottish Curling to broadcast their Junior Championships from Aberdeen.

We’ve all watched curling in the Olympics but who can say they know much about curling or have even had a go? Well we can now! We’re not claiming to be experts but we did throw a couple of stones down the sheets (yep we picked up some of the lingo).

Cameraman James gets close to the action

Cameraman James gets close to the action

We get excited working for any new client and new sport but this was particularly exciting as we developed a new piece of software for PTZ control, allowing us to have super smooth operation of the ceiling cameras. WHY? We wanted to be able to follow each stone as it curled down the sheet.

The chilly location was a bit challenging for our camera people but we’d made sure all our equipment was suitable for the freezing temperatures and made up some new cables that could stand the cold.

This is the first time Scottish Curling have streamed a competition and the response was amazing. We can’t thank them or their fans enough for helping us to make such a successful stream; after all there’s not much point in streaming if no-one watches it!

We couldn’t have asked for a better reception from our viewers-the bar has been set really high. Thanks

Jamie Fleming - Scottish Curling