Advertising on Livestreams - What you're missing out on

Let me break it down for you. Live is bigger, more popular and is growing faster than any other marketing platform. With almost 5 billion videos viewed every day on YouTube alone it's not surprising that brands, like you, are looking to get their products onto live videos, through product placement, mentions and even 'traditional commercials'. Check out the infographic below for some important numbers. 

Livestream facts.png

Hi there, glad you made it to the bottom of the page! We worked with Berghaus in 2017 to bring a complete campaign to life all focused around the British Bouldering Championships. Our social campaign for them saw a 200% increase on average engagement, a UK trending hashtag on Twitter and at the time the highest viewed Facebook live video they had. After our campaign they introduced a regular Facebook live segment to their page. As well as this social campaign they choose to sponsor the entire BBC's stream, on which we created them custom graphics, a Berghaus Replay wipe (on which we created a competition to increase engagement on their website and social channels) and ensured all our staff during the weekend, including the studio team were wearing Berghaus branded items. As well as these items they requested an athlete interview on the stream which we scripted and filmed for them.

Livestream advertising works. It gets you to audiences worldwide, costs less than TV advertising and stays on the stream for years to come.

On the other end of the scale we have sold advertising space to Rab, Adidas, Scarpa, and the North Face to name a few.

Advertising with Technative is simple, and we have options for every budget, just head on over to our Advertising section to find out more.