Advertising Opportunities

Join the brands making a difference to their bottom line by using livestreaming as a means to promote themselves. 

 Advertise on the European Freestyle Kayak Open

Advertise on the European Freestyle Kayak Open

European Open and British Championships

Holme Pierrepont is getting ready to host the European Open and British Championships in September 2018. There are multiple packages available on this stream from takeover options to timer sponsors, replay sponsors and slots for adverts. If you'd like to get involved with the stream please contact the producer for the show

 Sponsor the ever popular BIFF stream

Sponsor the ever popular BIFF stream

BIFF 2019

BIFF 2019 is open for sponsorship. The event has been running for three years now and gets bigger and better every year. Viewership increased 38% between 2017 and 2018, and we expect to see this rise again significantly in 2019. 

Top viewing countries for 2018 were UK, USA, Germany and France. 

We will be offering product placement opportunities, full stream takeovers, social, onscreen logos and replay sponsorship. Get in touch for more info.

 Advertise on Technative Livestreams

Advertise on Technative Livestreams

An Idea of Options

Advertising and sponsorship of our streams is infinitely flexible. Got an idea for a way to promote your brand, just let us know, or we can come up with the ideas for you. Below are just some of the ways you can advertise: 

Full stream take over

The holding slides, replay wipes, graphics and studio can all be branded with your logo. The script can include multiple brand call outs and you can run a commercial during the show.

Product Placement

Prefer less obvious advertising? We can shoot information sections using your products, have our presenters wear your clothes or drink your produt on screen, the options are endless.

You can sponsor just one part of the show, such as replays. Every time there is a replay your logo/tagline will appear on the replay wipe and the commentators will use your name E.G. Berghaus Replay during the BBCs 2017

Adverts/ Commercials

We can write in time to run traditional video adverts Graphics or timer sponsor. Most events need a graphics package which has room for a sponsor name and/or logo

Generic sponsorship

Your logo displayed on various parts of the stream depending on your budget. Only got a small amount to spend? We can add it to a page of sponsors to display at key moments throughout the stream. Got a little more? We can display logos throughout a stream.


Social replays, social build up and social takeovers. We work with brands to create content which runs alongside the main stream, most events have social tags so we piggyback these with campaigns for sponsors.

These are just a few options, if you have an idea, a budget in mind or just want to see what we can offer you, just give us a shout. We'd love to be able to tell you how much the above costs but the reality is, the costs are different for every event. You wouldn't expect to pay the same amount for advertising during the Super Bowl as you would during the national tiddlywinks and is the same with livestreaming. The higher the expected viewing figures the higher the costs, but don't let that put you off, there are options starting from as little as £250!