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We have a livestream solution for every sporting situation.

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An Affordable Solution for Any Sport

We pride ourselves on production quality and our ability to provide a solution to any level of competition, in any location. 

Our streams are affordable enough that they are either paid for outright by the event organiser or by a headline sponsor.


 #BBCs2018 Great competition coverage and commentating from Gaz and Mike. Well done all concerned. @Juliepoolie on Twitter


A Focal Point for Athletes and Fans

Smart phones and social media have changed the way we access information and the relationships between the public, athletes and sponsors. A sponsor no longer feels that a few banners at an event is enough return for their money and an athlete wants and needs more publicity than ever to maintain their sponsorship and financial backing. Through livestreaming you can promote your event worldwide and reach a far larger audience than ever before.

Talk to us about our livestream and marketing packages and take your event to the next level.

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Every stream Bespoke.

At Technative, quality is the key, we work with you to ensure we have covered every detail. Bespoke graphics, your own studio if you want it, commentators who know your sport and professional presenters to hold it all together. Only need a crew of two, no problem; next year you need thirty? We can do it.