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Hi, We're Technative.

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Hi there, thanks for taking the time to check us out. In short we’re a full service, livestream provider. But what does that mean? In short we film and broadcast events to the internet and broadcast companies. We can do everything from creating a scoring system for your competition to producing a week long series of broadcasts from your event or filming content to play during your townhall.

Based out of Sheffield our first streams were all climbing events; building up over three years from a local competition to the national championships for the BBC and international streams from multiple venues at once. There will always be a special place in our hearts for climbing but we have now added corporate events, trade shows and other sports to our belts.

We’re a group of awesome humans (don’t take our word for it, just ask our clients) with specialities in technology, marketing, production and camera work. Our small but carefully formed team will ensure your project looks and sounds incredible. Living by the mantra of ‘improving lives’ your producer will immerse themselves in your brand and event to bring your audience the very best of you. 

Oh OK, you want to know more? Well, we also have a sister brand Technative Solutions, the guys over there are the real tech wizards. They create and install audio visual solutions for corporate clients. Since that first, fiery (that's another story), excitement filled and downright fantastic first stream we have grown in both people and experience. You can meet some of the less shy members of our team below. 

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Our Team

Meet the guys, girls and gremlins who make up Technative Live. We're a friendly bunch so why not drop us a line and say hi.


Simon Wadsworth

Simon can usually be found on comms making sure everything s working. Director of the company but still very hands on, when he's not directing a show or talking to people like you, he can be found riding one of his bikes or climbing rocks.


Dave Rhodes

Dave is the other Director at Technative and is Mr Tech. What he doesn't know about AV isn't worth knowing. During streams he is often looking for the best action to create replays, to send to the vision mixer. Dave just can't get away from cameras and is often found behind one even in his free time.


Sim Davis

The brains behind all our graphics and custom scoring. As you can see he's not just a whizz at a bit of coding, he's pretty nifty with a kayak too.


Elspeth Yates

Miss Marketing (and producing) as we like to call her, Elspeth ensures we are doing and saying all the right things. If you need a script writing, presenter finding or website building Elspeth is the one to make it happen.


Roaming Dave

There's a special place in everyone's heart for roaming Dave. Starting out as a motor sport cameraman Dave now specialises in wobble free camerawork where others would make you seasick. Often found dangling on a rope in Europe.